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Writing the Wild Heart


If you let your heart speak without boundaries, what would it say?

There is a longing within each one of us to live a life of wholeness and beauty, a life bonded to sacredness and passion. An existence where our innermost self is expressed fully, without restraint. A space where our hearts are allowed to run free, and love with abandon.

Within the openness of journal writing, you can move beyond the confines of daily life and tap into the creativity, healing, and inspiration you’ve been searching for.

In this month long writing workshop, you are invited to shift into the loving wildness of your spirit. Every other day you will receive an intuitive and practical prompt; questions designed to stimulate your passions and voice your truth.  We will dive deep into our self-imposed restrictions, and liberate the wild woman chained within.

Allow your wild heart the freedom to speak. Let your words guide you to the truth of your desires. Learn exactly what you need to wholly live your untamed self, without shame or regret.

Tell your stories, and rediscover your Self.

This workshop begins on August 1, 2016. Registration is $19 and closes August 5, 2016 – so sign up now!


June Swoon: 30 Days of Passionate Prompts



The things that inspire emotion.

It is the swell that rolls through your blood, the rising wave of emotion that overtakes you and pulls you under. The feeling you get when you read amazing poetry, or taste a delicate wine, or when someone special whispers words of devotion in your ears. It’s driving on an open road, the landscape unfolding its mysteries in front of you. It’s a drug, a desire, a craving for the things that make life luscious and rich.

Swoon is the expression of passion in all its forms, and how you communicate love to the world.

This 30 day prompt course invites you to embrace the swoon within, and express your desires in inspiring, artistic ways.

Each day during the month of June, you’ll receive a one-word prompt via email, designed to tap into your creative heart. Use the prompt as inspiration to write, paint, take pictures, cook, daydream  – whatever creative endeavor you desire!

Use the hashtag #JuneSwoon to share your prompts over social media!

Sign up for free now to begin receiving your prompts on June 1st!

Embracing Your Sacred Sexual Body


excerpted from the online workshop Intimate Bliss: Exploring Your Sacred Sexual Self

Judging your physical form as lacking in any way can keep you from happiness, and intimacy with your Self and others.When we are uncomfortable with our physical appearance and afraid of our bodies, we distance ourselves from making true intimate connections. We hide in baggy clothes, or fight to keep the lights out during lovemaking. Some of us even find it difficult to look ourselves full in the mirror.

As so many mystics and spiritualities tell us, the body is a temple. It is the housing for our spirit, and what connects us to the physical world. Whether we are tall or short, heavyset or lanky; whether our thighs start a brush fire when we walk or have a gap like the Grand Canyon – our bodies are sacred, beautiful, and deserve to be honored.

It took a long time for me to come to terms with my body exactly as it is.When I looked in the mirror, I saw the things I liked, but I focused on the things I thought needed improvement. I compared and contrasted with images from Hollywood, with women I considered prettier than me. And every time I did that, I was destroying a piece of my joy in life, and teaching my heart how to love myself with conditions: I would be so much prettier if my chin wasn’t so pointy… I’d be married by now if I was thinner… I’d be happy if only I could get down to a single digit size…

And on, and on, and on.

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